VIDEO: Bike Windsor-Essex Wants Cyclist To Be Safe

Bike Windsor-Essex handed out white and red bike lights as part of the "Get Lit" program while opening its brand new Bike Kitchen on University Ave. W and Pelissier St. Friday.

Executive director Lori Newton says lights are free to any cyclist who can't afford them. She says safty lighting is something every bike needs going into shorter winter days.

"We want bicycles to have lights on them, a front white-light and a rear red-light so that cyclists are seen," she says. "The days are shorter right now, and it's dangerous for cyclists to be out without lights on."

She says the lights were donated, but money used to purchase them by those who can afford it, is used to by more for the less fortunate. 

Newton told AM800 News, reflectors simply aren't enough to keep riders safe.

"Unless you're hitting the back of that bicycle in just the right spot, a reflector is not helping you be seen," says Newton. "It's super important that you have a light in the front that will help you see where you're going, and the rear light to help motorists see you."

The Bike Kitchen was also rolled out so those given new lights can get a crash course on how to properly install them. 


Cyclists chat with a Bike Windsor-Essex representative in the new Bike Kitchen on University Ave. W at Pelissier St. on Friday Oct. 6, 2017. (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)

She says an Ontario Trillium Grant and the Canadian Automobile Association allowed them to hire mechanics and create a shop that everyone can enjoy.

"We have five-wrenching-stations, five full-sets of tools and people in the community can come in and work on their bikes," she says. "It's a DIY [do it yourself] space at a very small charge where they can come in and work with our mechanics."


Work benches in Bike Windsor-Essex's new Bike Kitchen on University Ave. W at Pelissier St. Friday Oct. 6, 2017, (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)

Get Lit will be at the Ford City Haunted Market on Oct. 19, and the Willistead Night Market on Oct.. 27. 

Newton says anyone who can't afford lights for their bike is welcome to walk into the Bike Windsor-Essex offices and get some.

For more information on the Bike Kitchen or the Get Lit program, visit