VIDEO: Bizarre Crash in Downtown Windsor

There was a peculiar scene on Goyeau St. just south of Ellis St. Thursday this evening.

A Ford Escape somehow ended up perched on the hood of a small Nissan Versa that was parked on the side of the road.

AM800 News spoke with the owner of the car who says he was out with his family when a neighbour called to say his car had been involved in an incident.

"So we came here to find a car precariously perched," says John Nymann. "Thankfully there were no injuries we weren't in our vehicle and the other lady who was driving the other vehicle was fine."

With a positive attitude, Nymann says there is no sense in getting upset over the matter.

"Our car and her car are just property and so our lives are far more valuable than anything, than any property that we could ever own."

According to bystanders there were no injuries and nobody is quite sure how it happened.