VIDEO: Canada's First Female Astronaut Lands in Windsor

A special guest has landed in Windsor.

Canada's first female astronaut Dr. Roberta Bondar was the keynote speaker at the University of Windsor's Science Society Speakers Series.

She spoke to more than 400 people at the university on Thursday.

Bondar shared some of her experiences in space.

She also talked about science and innovation.

"Certainly the thing that stands out the most is looking at the earth from space and I don't say that lightly because it's the biggest thing that we as human beings really have ever seen," says Bondar.  "We have not seen anything quite this remarkable."  

Bondar talked to the crowd for about 45 minutes and then took questions.

"The kind of questions I get usually, what it's like in space, sometime things about the bathroom, no one can resist that," says Bondar.  "It's usually like my daughter asked me to ask so it's fine and things about what the world looks like or do we think we're going to go to mars or what are the problems we might face going to mars so that kind of thing."

Bondar conducted 40 investigations in 13 countries with the Space Shuttle Discovery.

The 73-year-old was one of the six Canadian astronauts selected in December 1983 and began astronaut training in February 1984.   

She flew on Discovery in January 1992.