VIDEO: Cannabis Retail Store in Windsor to Open by November


The operator of Windsor's first cannabis retail shop hopes to be open for business by November.

Back in August, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario held its second lottery and a Windsor applicant was picked.

Kirk Anastasiadis, a London bar owner, plans to open up a cannabis store at 545 Ouellette Ave, north of Wyandotte St.

He says he's crossed all the t's,  dotted all the i's and the leased the facility.

Anastasiadis says a cannabis store is just about business growth.

"We are in the bar and restaurant industry so I feel like this is the next step and you kinda wear, I know it is considered a retail store but you know to me it is kinda like a hospitality thing," he says.

As part of the process, the applicants must prove to the ACGO that they have secured retail space and enough money to open it. 

Anastasiadis tells AM800 News so far, so good.

"Everything has been submitted so we are just going to be waiting to hear back from the AGCO and ideally we want to be opened by November 1st, if possible," he says.

Even though he currently lives in London, Anastasiadis says he has family in Windsor and knows the area well.

"Have friends down there who owns some restaurant and bars so it was, your choice is from I have gathered, is that people are looking at a downtown strip for like high traffic areas, nightlife, restaurants or dining or they look to put them in smart centres," says Anastasiadis

Locally, Windsor, Amherstburg, Essex, Kingsville, Leamington and Pelee Island opted in to host a cannabis store.