VIDEO: Checker Flag to be Remembered with Storyboard


Checker Flag International Speedway will be remembered Saturday.

Checker Flag was the epicentre of stock-car racing in Essex County for nearly 30-years, having opened with a dirt track in 1961. The track later added asphalt to its location on County Rd. 42 near Banwell Rd. in 1974.

Dwindling attendance and approaching residential expansion cause the track to close in 1992. The land was then sold and became part of the Cranbrook sub-division.

Tecumseh Councillor Andrew Dowie says a storyboard will be added where Checker Flag once stood for fans that haven't forgotten what a night at the races felt like.

"There certainly are a lot of enthusiasts about Checker Flag and its history, so they're all welcome to go," says Dowie. "I'd love to see as many people as possible and I can maybe learn some stories from its heyday. So I'm definitely hoping to see a good crowd."

He says remembering places where families used to share so much joy is important.

"The sounds, the feelings, the senses of it; I certainly miss it and we don't really have to much comparable to it," he says. "It's been gone since 1992, so it is important to remember what we used to have."

Dowie tells AM800 News the property continues to make residents happy.

"Now the property is being used for the betterment of many families as well as Cranbrook Park," he added.

The unveiling will be held at 2pm Saturday in Cranbrook Park, just west of Banwell Rd. on County Rd. 42.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.