VIDEO: City to Examine Red Light Cameras and Photo Radar

Ward 2 Windsor city councillor Fabio Costante says the speed of traffic through neighbourhoods was a big issue during the 2018 municipal election.

He's asking administration for a report on the cost and effectiveness of red light cameras and photo radar, used by other municipalities.

"It's being done in other municipalities, so I just want to get a comparative study, look at the costs and look how effective these pieces of technology are," says Costante.  "Big concern that I heard over the campaign, and as a city councillor, is speed calming."

He says residents are worried about increased speeds and have been since the election.

"Speed on residential roads, there's cut through roads, even arterial roads," says Costante.  "Speed has been a big issue.  If it's a high dense residential area but close to an institution where a lot of people work, it causes speed through the neighbourhoods."

The issue was raised during question period at city council.

He believes cameras at intersections and photo radar would be installed in areas the engineering department would deem high risk for speeding.