VIDEO: Comber Business Target of Equipment Thieves

A Comber business is the latest to be targeted in a series of similar robberies.

On Monday, Oliveira Equipment was robbed overnight and three ATVs were taken valued at over $80,000.


Custom ATV snowplow stolen from Oliveira Equipment in Comber, February 25, 2019 (courtesy Oliveira Equipment)

Owner Steve Oliveira says he's been in contact with other businesses that sell similar equipment and he says there have been several other thefts.

Oliveira says the three thieves appeared to have done this before.

"They seemed like they knew what they were doing, they hot wired the units and two of the units they tried to hot wire, they left on site whether the battery was dead or whatever the case may have been they weren't able to move them out"

He says the thieves acted like professionals.

"It seemed like it was very well planned, the way they came in the way they hot wired them there and even to the point where they left all three guys took a unit and left simultaneously so that way they made the least amount of noise as possible"

Oliveira says the thieves kept their faces away from the security cameras.

"They kind of knew where they were it seemed like but no I wasn't able to get anything.  Even the vehicle I'm assuming there must have been a vehicle, maybe a trailer that they had down the road parked somewhere.  Because when they all took off they took off in the same direction"

Oliveira says the entire robbery took 62 minutes.

In early February an equipment retailer in Chatham was robbed of three machines worth $130,000 and a Tilbury business has been robbed several times.

AM800 has reached out to the OPP, but have been told it's up to the crime unit to release information on the case.