VIDEO: Committee Recommends Demolition Permit Be Put On Hold For Century Old Building

A demolition permit for a century old building in Windsor has been put on hold...for now.

The Lufkin Rule building on Caron Ave near Wyandotte, which was a manufacturer of tape measures and measuring products, was built around 1907 and it currently sits on the city's heritage register.

The city acquired the building in 2012 through tax arrears but the property is nearly unsalvageable.

On Tuesday, the Planning, Heritage and Economic Development Standing Committee voted to put a pause on the demolition permit and remarket the building for six months highlighting the available financial incentives to repair the property.

There are now holes in the roof, water infiltration and floors have collapsed inside but Ward 4 Councillor Chris Holt says it is a gorgeous building.

On his Facebook Page, Holt pleaded to try and save the building from demolition saying the city and residents need to look at these structures differently.

"You look at this and you look at the homes surrounding this, it is in a very viable location and it is in a location that can add to our economic development and add to our cultural renaissance," says Holt.

He says the building can be a jewel in the city.

"I really need people to start thinking about these heritage structures  in economic development terms, if we are to move forward and really get reinvestment in the core and see our city thrive we can't just abandon places like this, valuable places like this."

The recommendation from the standing committee still needs to go before city council.