VIDEO: Counselling Ordered For Youth Involved In Viral Bullying Video In Windsor

Counselling has been ordered for the fourth and final youth involved in a bullying incident in Windsor that was captured on video and went viral.

The youth, who can't be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was set to stand trial in the case Friday, but instead, he decided to plead guilty to assault.

The crown and defence were asking for a 12-month probation term, but the judge opted for a discharge with counselling.

"Probation carries with it the idea that the person is being sanctioned and I think that is where his honour deferred and didn't feel that it was necessary in this particular case," said the youth's lawyer Evan Weber outside of Ontario court.

In November 2016, the victim who has cerebral palsy was punched, pushed and spit on by a group of teens at Pillette and Wyandotte.

The incident was recorded and put on YouTube which received over one-million hits.

The youth was heard cheering on the fight.

Weber says his client's life has changed dramatically since the video went viral.

"Quite frankly he was receiving threats, messages from people all over the world including death threats and he was forced to resign from his school," he says.  "He wasn't directly involved, he has acknowledged his responsibility as being a party to the offence by some limited encouragement. He is not defending his actions and I'm not defending his actions but his involvement was limited compared to the others involved."

The other three youths and adult charged in the case received a 12-month probation term.  

In handing down the sentence, the judge told the youth, 'it was shameful and I hope you feel shame."