VIDEO: Crash Victim Tells Windsor Students Miracles Do Happen

An Ohio man involved in a crash that left him paralyzed from the waist down, with little chance to walk again, delivered an inspirational message to students Thursday in Windsor.

Brock Mealer, 34,  walked into the gymnasium at West Gate Public School to applause from about 500 Gr. 3 to 8 students.

On Christmas Eve in 2007, Mealer was in a car crash that claimed the life of his father and his brother's girlfriend when a driver failed to stop at a stop sign.

Following an eight-hour surgery, doctors told Mealer he had a one per cent chance of walking again.

But after physical therapy and training with the Michigan football team, Mealer took a step.

"It felt like a dream," he says.  "The accident felt like a nightmare and this was just one thing after that accident that really could show me that miracles  happen."

Today, he walks with the help of canes or a walker but in September, he took part in a one-mile walk which took him more than an hour to complete.

He told students he fell 20 times, but what mattered was that he got up every single time.

He says perseverance,  having a positive attitude, believing in yourself and hard work are the keys to any accomplisment in life.

"No matter what your goals are, what you are passionate about, what you want to do with your life, it is going to take hard work and perseverance is what is going to carry you through day by day," he says. "It is a choice you make every morning that you are going to continue to persue whatever that is."

Gr. 8 student Darius France says Mealer's message struck a chord.

"To me, I think it is very inspirational because I'm a big sports guy and sometimes I get down on myself, but listening to him makes me stay up and keep going."

Mealer has spoken to students across North America delivering his inspirational message.