VIDEO: Dog Rescue Operator Charged by Humane Society

A Windsor woman who runs a dog rescue operation is facing five charges under the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Act.

There are two counts of permitting an animal to be in distress, two of failing to provide adequate and appropriate veterinary care and one of failing to comply with Orders under the act.

The charges are in connection to the rescue going by the name of Royals Animal Rescue Service.

The investigation and charges have been laid by the Windsor Essex County Humane Society.

Executive Director Melanie Coulter says they were tipped off when two dogs died at the rescue.

"That was initially the concerns that we received were regarding.  Two of the charges are relating to a dog that had passed away."

Coulter says there are a large number of dogs involved, but they've only been able to take a few into their care.

"Animals can only be removed when orders aren't complied with and so if orders are issued then we would have to monitor the compliance with those orders and could only remove animals if orders weren't complied with and that would only be the specific animals that orders weren't complied with."


Coulter says there are few regulations to govern animal rescues.

"There are rescue groups that essentially are a small group of people, they set up a website a Facebook page and help animals to the extent that they're able.  So there isn't really a registration process or a kind of licensing process it is a fairly open system."

The woman has not been identified by the Humane Society.

Her first court appearance is July 15, 2019.