VIDEO: Doors Locked at Compassion House and Envy Shuts Down

Windsor's Compassion House is no more.

Owner Leo Lucier says he was forced out of his space on Tecumseh Rd W. near Church St. by his landlord.

He says his landlord changed the locks.

"It wasn't my doings to close the place obviously," says Lucier.  "We were doing wonderful things for a bunch of charities and individual families in the community with the food drives and coats for kids, toy runs and everything else.  So wasn't my doings to close it, it was the landlord-tenant act, he got scared and ultimately closed it down."     

Lucier opened the shop in October when marijuana became legal in Canada.

Since that time, his business has been raided on two occasions with a number of people being charged.

He tells AM800 news, he was not breaking the law because he was not selling marijuana.

Lucier says he was giving it away for free only if a customer provided a donation for a local charity.     

He says since opening, he collected 22 tonnes of food for local charities and is grateful how things worked out.

Windsor's "Envy" on University Ave W. has also shut down.

A post was made on the business' Instagram page on Tuesday stating "Sad day, our little house on University and Church has been officially closed down due to a court order."


Photo courtesy of Envy's Instagram page (wingreenwithenvy)

Last month, an OPP lead Cannabis Joint Forces Enforcement Team and Windsor police executed search warrants at Envy and Compassion House.

Police seized cash and cannabis products from both locations.