VIDEO: Effects Of Tariff War Being Felt Locally

Breweries in the Windsor area are starting to feel the effects of the tariff war between Canada and the U.S.

Several operations are running low on cans because of the Trump administration's 10% tariff on Canadian aluminium.

Ian Gourlay at Walkerville Brewery tells CTV Windsor there are fewer and fewer sources of cans.

"They are good for beer because no sunlight can get through them and consumers, beer drinkers like them," says Gourlay. "All those small manufacturers have concentrated down into fewer and fewer manufacturers. They're highly efficient but they're doing it in fewer and fewer plants."

At Frank Brewing Company in Tecumseh, Shane Meloche says demand has overwhelmed the available supply of cans and prices have risen by 10%.

"Typically they get shipments of cans weekly and now they're not coming weekly," says Meloche. "Maybe they're coming this week, maybe they're not coming this week and they're having to juggle all their customers."

Both operations hope the shortage doesn't last much longer as they've only have about a three-month supply.

The shortage comes during one of the busiest times of the year for beer production.