VIDEO: Electric Vehicle Incentive Program Scrapped

Local electric vehicle advocates are speaking out about the removal of the electric vehicle incentive program in Ontario.

As CTV Windsor reported on Thursday, local advocates are not happy Premier Doug Ford is scrapping incentive programs to offset the purchase of electric vehicles.

The Premier is also removing money for charging stations.

It's all part of Ford's campaign promise to cancel the cap and trade.

Advocate Klaus Dohring says he hasn't spent a dime on gasoline in years after taking advantage of the incentives.

"The intent of the incentive was to take that sting out and levelize the initial purchasing cost," says Dohring. 

Auto Analyst Dennis Desrosiers says the incentive program has been a failure.

He believes the market is not ready for electric vehicles.

"To the industry, if you want these things to be successful you better get off your but and clean up the issues why they're not successful," says Desrosiers.  "We're probably looking at a decade of science develop before we see real progress."   

The previous Ontario Liberals government wanted electric and hybrids to make up five percent of the vehicles on the road by 2020 and 12 percent by 2025.

Representatives with FCA would not comment on whether the changes will impact production at the Windsor Assembly Plant.


— with files from Rich Garton/CTV Windsor