VIDEO: Essex Deputy Mayor Speaking Out About Bullying in Town Parks

The Deputy Mayor of Essex has had enough.

"I just want to send the message, watch out bullies because we're not going to tolerate that kind of activity going on in our parks," says Richard Meloche.

Meloche says he has received a number of complaints from residents about bullying in town parks.

He says some residents are afraid to go to the parks with their families and want the town to step in.

Meloche says it appears young teenagers are targeting children as well as their parents.

"I have several parents who have told me that they do not go to the parks, one particular park anyway," says Meloche.  "I don't want to single out the park at this point in time but one particular park where residents with younger children are not going to that park any longer because of these particular teenagers that are hanging out there."

He feels the town has to do something.

"What I'm going to be doing is asking our administration to investigate alternatives that other communities have used across the province," says Meloche.  "I'm going to suggest actually that I like to see some signage in the parks saying the Town of Essex will not tolerate bullying or foul language in our parks."

Meloche says some residents have called police.

He introduced a notice of motion on Monday and plans to speak on it at the next council meeting on June 17th.