VIDEO: Essex OPP Police Week Event Stresses Safety

Essex County OPP are kicking off Police Week by showcasing safety and what they use to fight crime.

Several officers camped out in the Canadian Tire parking lot on Maidstone Ave. near Highway 3 with boats, ATV's, patrol cars and other emergency response vehicles on Sunday.

Jason Garnett tells AM800 News he doesn't pass up an opportunity to teach his seven-year-old son Nolan about safety.

"We've gone to similar things before. It's always good to have Nolan here checking things out, especially with bicycles and helmet safety and stuff like that." he says. "We say it but we're just parents, when there are cops and other people that are saying the same message it really hits home with the kids."

One feature at this year's event is a roll-over simulator — placing dummies in a rotating vehicle to show what can happen in a crash. Garnett says the attraction did a great job of stressing the need to buckle-up.

"To see it in action, from a seven year old's point of view when he sees mannequins flying out the window," he says. "It's very important for him to know he needs to wear his seatbelt."

Police Week ends Saturday May 20.