VIDEO: Exo-skeleton Experiment at Essex Engine Plant

Workers at the Essex Engine Plant are serving as guinea pigs for a device called an exo-skeleten. It straps onto a worker's back and arms, providing anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds if lift when doing a repetitive assembly line job.

Unifor Local 200's Kevin Bell, the plant chair, says the results have been remarkable."Where we're using it right now is on our wire harness, where the wire harness gets put on and those technicians are on one job right now. They find a huge relief in regards to their shoulder strain.  They go home with more energy"

Ford Site Manager Tony Savoni says the experiment has definitely paid off. "I really look at it from a perspective of the employee that had been wearing it and trying it.  He put it bluntly and said I can still go home and I have energy to do things. So that's when I know it's a winner"

Exo-skeletens are in use at a number of Ford factories in the United States but the Essex plant is the first Canadian facility.