VIDEO: Experts Evaluate Plaster Condition of Historic Assumption Church

Restoration crews are in the historic Assumption Church in west Windsor on Thursday to get a better handle on how much money it will take, to fix the building.

Experts in plaster, ceiling and painting restoration are using a lift inside the church to get up close to the walls and ceiling to determine wear and tear of the church which was built in 1847, making it one of the oldest churches in Windsor.

The church has been closed for about five years and a report late last year, estimated it would cost about $20-million to restore.

The report's author Paul Mullins is encouraged by the amount of support there is in the community to save the church, but he is discouraged when he sees the numbers that are required.

"The longer the building is empty, the more difficult it is to be able to bring it back up to proper standards," says Mullins.  "There is a heating issue that is a problem, there is water infiltration that is a problem."


Image of a stained glass window at Assumption Church. March 7, 2019 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)

There has been some water infiltration in a few spots and paint is peeling in several areas of the church.

"I think some of this is abnormal in the sense that the church has been empty for this period of time," says Mullins.

Crews are also checking on the stability of the plaster to ensure it is safe for workers.

Mullins plans to release a report in a few weeks with more details on the financial commitments and timelines to fix the church.