VIDEO: Farrow Riverside Miracle Park Playground Creates Smiles


The Farrow Riverside Miracle Park is getting a thumbs up from the community.

The 13,000 square foot park in east Windsor first opened July. It includes 30 specially designed elements for kids to enjoy, from swings to a glider.

A group of children with special needs were invited to try out the park on Wednesday.

Peter Best is with DIFFability and says the park allows children with special needs to be regular kids.

"Access equals opportunity and this park represents accessibility," says Best. "It's a public park that has accessible features that enable people of all limitations to come and enjoy. "

Danica McPhee with Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario says the park will change kids lives in a positive way.

"A child who's not included in play is going to be a child who's losing self esteem throughout their formative years and I think that if you start from the beginning and treating them as if they belong in a community, they're going to give back to that community in a way that you haven't seen with people with disabilties in the past," says McPhee.