VIDEO: Federal Building Closed Due to Structural Concerns


The Canada Revenue Agency building in Windsor has been closed due to structural concerns.

About 300 employees, work at the building at 441 University Ave. West. and  had complained about vibrations.

An engineering firm was called in to look at the structure and the building — which had more than $10-million in renovations recently — was closed because they aren't 100% positive the building is safe.

Some of the workers are represented by the Union of Taxation Employees.

Union first National Vice President Doug Gaetz says these types of concerns aren't new for this workers.

"What's concerning also is they just moved from the Paul Martin building and all the problems they had in there, in that building and then move over here, there is even further issues is quite concerning," he says.

For now, employees are working at home or in other government buildings.

Gaetz says the union supports the move to close the building until further notice.

A sign on the door indicates the Canada Revenue Agency office is temporarily closed.

Another engineering report is underway and Gaetz says a lot will depend on its findings to determine the next steps.

There is no timeline when the report will be complete.