VIDEO: Federal Carbon Tax Impacting Windsor Regional Hospital

The Federal Carbon Tax is already impacting Windsor Regional Hospital.

President and CEO David Musyj says this fiscal year the hospital will pay an extra $160,000.

He says the province has already indicated within the next five years, Windsor Regional Hospital will pay an additional $400,000.

Musyj says the tax is negatively impacting the budget.

"The money got to come from somewhere so that's the problem and it's not just us, it's millions of dollars across the province of Ontario something like $27-million annually it's going to cost just hospitals alone for this," says Musyj.              

Musyj says beginning in January 2017 for an 18 month period, the provincial carbon tax cost the hospital an additional $280,000 for natural gas consumption but volume use did not go up.  

He says hospitals across the province are trying to get exempted from the federal carbon tax.


Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj, January 2018 (Photo by AM800's Teresinha Medeiros)