VIDEO: Federal Environment Minister McKenna Sides With Trudeau

A stop in a quiet Windsor neighbourhood by the federal Environment Minister was to highlight a tax rebate for Canadians.

Catherine McKenna went to the basement of the Belluzzo home to see the energy efficient furnace and water heater they had installed.

She pointed to a rebate all Canadians will receive when they file their 2018 taxes which works out to $307 for an average family of four.

McKenna was asked about the turmoil in Ottawa in the wake of the resignation of Jody Wilson-Raybould over the SNC-Lavalin situation.

McKenna admits it was unfortunate another colleague - Treasury Board President Jane Philpott - has now resigned.

"Jane Philpott is a friend and we worked together in many files including on indigenous files that are incredibly important.  And you know it is of course disappointing.  But I have full confidence in the Prime Minister"

She admits the details of what's going on in Ottawa can be difficult to understand.

"You have strong women who will have different perspectives on this issue, this is a complicated issue.  You know, the Prime Minister has a responsibility to raise important political issues like jobs with the Minister of Justice wearing that hat. But she also, Jody Wilson-Raybould was also Attorney General"

McKenna was asked directly if she is considering a resignation from Cabinet and repeated she has full confidence in the Prime Minister.

She believes Canadians will hear a very different perspective on events when former top Trudeau aide Gerry Butts speaks to the Justice Committee tomorrow.