VIDEO: Final Suspect Sentenced in Sadistic Torture in West Windsor

A Windsor man has been sentenced to five years in prison for his role in the brutal torture and death of a city man over a drug debt.

Daniel Shaw had earlier pleaded guilty to forcible confinement and will be given credit for the 27.5 months he has spent behind bars. 

He was one of six people who have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced in the death of 26-year-old Scott Phillips.

In October 2016, Phillips was kidnapped and taken to an apartment on Mill St, where he was tied up with duct tape, punched, kicked and stabbed multiple times.  He later died.

Assistant Crown Walter Costa called it a 'cruel sadistic torture'.

Although defence lawyer Aaron Prevost argued that Shaw played no role in the planning, kidnapping and actual death, Justice Bruce Thomas ruled that all six suspects played a role and can't be sentenced as individual pieces.

"This was a crime of brutality, but also a crime of cowardice," said Justice Thomas pointing out that none of the suspects would have done this on their own.

Phillips owned Shaw and another accused Dustin Schuh money and Shaw went to the apartment, slapped Phillips who was unconscious to wake him up and when he left the apartment, Phillips was still alive.

"It is tough to get money from an unconscious man," said Justice Thomas.

The defence had been asking for time already served, plus one day and three years probation.  The crown wanted five years.


Image of Scott Phillips (Courtesy of cousin Amanda Marion)

Outside of Superior Court,  Phillip's cousin Amanda Marion says justice is never served, but she is satisfied that Shaw received a prison term.

"There is no solace and there is no peace, there is no end to our story this way, we have to do this again and again and again," she said. "We get the life sentence."

She hopes the case sends a loud and clear message to others who are doing drugs or dealing drugs, to just stop and get out.

"You got to work hard, you think that you are tough and be tough and walk away, be smart and walk away, because otherwise either your mama is going to end up standing where we are and you are going to end up in there [court] or end up where Scotty is."

Before being sentenced, Shaw told the court that he was sorry for everything that happened and there was a reason why the other suspects didn't call him at the start, because he would never have agreed to it.

Phillips's family member Brandon Marion is pleased that the judge sentenced Shaw for his role in the crime.

"It was like cutting the head off the snake, he was the boss. He can try and say and that he didn't have his hands on it, if you tell somebody to do something that is wrong, you are just as culpable and that's what this case was and I'm glad the judge saw through that."

Dustin Schuh, 28, had earlier pleaded guilty to second-degree-murder and was given 13-years in prison.