VIDEO: Flooding Causing Headaches On Kingsville Roads

Heavy-winds causing headaches for residents living near Lake Erie in Kingsville Sunday.

A stretch of Heritage Rd. between County Rd. 20 and County Rd. 23 has been shut down by OPP due to water covered roads as high-waves pound break-walls and spill out into lakeside properties.

Homeowner Ken Robertson just moved into his Heritage Rd. on the shore of Lake Erie two days prior to Sunday's storm, and while is yard is underwater,  he tells AM800 News the house is holding together well.

"We've been up most of the night, very cold, very windy. The waves are coming right over the break wall but so far the house is still nice and dry," he says.

His driveway didn't escape the raging water however — a small river carried the water to the road from shore.

"That wasn't formed by me, that canal was formed by the water itself and it's washed away a ditch about 18-inch deep in my driveway," jokes Robertson.

Moving to Kingsville from Hamilton, Robertson says it's been an odd welcome from Mother Nature.

"I've never seen anything like this in my life, I've spoken to the neighbours, one guys been her for 10 years, another guy for 20 years, and they've never seen anything like this before," he says.

Police evacuated residents of nearby Cedar Island as a precaution — OPP have also asked motorists to stay off the roads until conditions improve.