UPDATE: Road Closures Due to Flooding in LaSalle and Kingsville


The Detroit River's banks have poured over in sections of LaSalle.

LaSalle Marina at the foot of Laurier Dr. is one of several areas where road ways are covered up to the curb.

The town announced closures Sunday on Front Rd. between Martin Ln. and Laurier Dr. but the road reopened around 7am Monday. The water has receded but officials are asking drivers to use caution as water levels may continue to fluctuate. 

LaSalle's Outdoor Pool, boat ramp, Front Road Park and the Riverdance building will all be closed until Wednesday.

Debbie Lesansky lives further inland, but after surveying the area Sunday, she feels for her neighbours.

"I feel bad for everybody who lives in the area here along the water, because I'm sure they're afraid of what's going to happen if it starts coming up more," she says. "Is it in their basements? Can they Park? Can they get to their houses? That's the scary part for people who live closer to the water here."


Lesansky and her son have watched the water move its way in land.

"My son Aaron wanted to come out here and see what it's like. We've been coming up here every couple days and it's a big difference compared to a couple days ago," say Lesansky, who added she hasn't seen anything like it in her 20-years in LaSalle."Everyone we know that's been her longer says the same thing, because I'm from the Detroit area, they say they've never seen water levels like this before."

Officials are warning residents who live west of Front Rd.  that emergency service response may be delayed and encouraging those experiencing flooding that are concerned about their safety to find alternative accommodations.

Anyone who does leave is being asked to contact the 211 to register so the town knows where they are and should contact their utility providers to shut off services.

Lake Erie is also flowing over break walls in Kingsville with a large stretch of Heritage Road underwater Sunday.