VIDEO: Former Grace Hospital Site Open for Redevelopment

Plans to locate an Urgent Care Centre on the 6.2-acre former Grace Hospital site have changed.

As a result, the city is calling for "Expressions of Interest" on the site.

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says the notification will formally be issued on Monday and developers will have 60 days to respond.

He says there had not been a sale agreement for the urgent care use.

"City Council had reserved that particular site in the discussion and in the context of the hospital redevelopment plan.  So that was to be the home of the proposed emergency centre."

But Dilkens adds there is a wide opportunity for use of the Grace site.

"There's some zoning already in place for the Grace hospital site that speaks to commercial, at least some, commercial application at the University Ave. frontage and then of course it can be residential behind.  We would look at what the possibility is for a strong mixed use development."


Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj maintains there will be a Satellite Emergency Department downtown regardless of the outcome of the 'Expressions of Interest"

"We will have a Satellite Emergency Department downtown, start and stop, no question. That's what is going to happen, it is just a question of where. Worst case scenario which is not the worst case in the world is it stays here at the Ouellette campus."

The property at University and Crawford had been the preferred location for the satellite emergency dept but Musyj understands the city is doing its due diligence.

He indirectly blames CAMPP, Citizens for Accountable Mega Hospital Planning Process, saying zoning appeals to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal don't help.

The group is appealing the zoning change for the new acute care hospital on County Rd 42 and the 9th Concession, which was part of the whole hospital restructuring plan.

"We can't be the cause of delay and although the appeal of the zoning is not the direct result of this, it doesn't help," he says.

Musyj adds, if there aren't any buyers for the Grace hospital site, the Satellite Emergency Department may still be located there.

Dilkens says the Grace property on University Ave. west of Crawford is essentially a green-field site and there is a possibility construction could begin as soon an next year on that location.