VIDEO: Funding Up in the Air at Hiatus House

It's a waiting game at Hiatus House in Windsor.

As of April 1st,  the organization that offers confidential intervention for families experiencing domestic violence, closed six of its 48 beds.

Executive Director, Tom Rolfe says the province funds 48 beds and the additional six were being kept open by fundraising dollars.

According to Rolfe, the board decided about three years ago not to use fundraising dollars for operational costs because it can be too unpredictable.

He says they also haven't received their budget outline from the province.

"We've had to make decisions to reduce staffing based on what we think our budget is going to be, so we're assuming we're not going to get the one-time dollars that we got last year," he says.


The organization received $111,000.00  in one-time funding from the province in 2018 as promised by the previous Liberal Government. Rolfe says with all of the cuts and changes the new Conservative Government is making, he's not sure when or if they'll receive more money.

Rolf says they usually get their budget packages from the province by the end of March, but they're still waiting.

"We have about 14 people on contracts at this point and we've extended all the contracts until the end of June, but we're hoping we'll know something soon so we can make decisions," he says.

Rolf says even though they aren't using fundraising dollars for operating costs, the money is still needed.

"We use it for capital projects which we still need fundraising for but it's not a way to pay staff salaries," he says. Because we've had to reduce staffing to balance the budget, we're in a position where we can no longer keep those beds open."