VIDEO - GRAPHIC WARNING: Another Coyote Attack in LaSalle


There has been another coyote attack on a dog in the Town of LaSalle.

It happened around 9:30am on June 23rd outside a home on Bouffard Rd between Malden Rd and Matchette Rd.

James Nemeth says his 15-pound Shitzu-Poodle mix, named Moka (but also goes by Moki) was attacked moments after being put outside on the back deck.

"I put the dog out on the deck, when he's tied and I took a couple steps and it's only five steps to my coffee maker, that side of the door and grabbed my coffee and I could hear the thing screaming and I ran out and as soon as I got there, the coyote was already part away around the corner," says Nemeth.  "He's taken off, they're smart."

He says he couldn't believe what happened.

"When I went out on to the step and I could hear the dog screaming, one eye was out of its socket, hanging and it was double the size it was normal and blood every where," says Nemeth.  "I went into shock for probably five minutes.  I couldn't believe what was going on."

Nemeth says he took Moka to a vet following the attack.

He says Moka has lost an eye and his vet bill cost more than $1400.     


Moka suffered $1,400 worth of injuries in the attack on June 23rd (Courtesy of James Nemeth)

Nemeth says the coyote has come back following the attack.

"This coyote that has a taste for dogs," says Nemeth.  "If one really gets a taste for them they'll keep hunting the same dog because they know it's wounded so this same coyote has been in my yard five or six times since the wounds, since it's happened and I don't know what to do with it."     

Nemeth says his property backs on to a bush.

In early June, a coyote attacked and killed another dog outside a home also on Bouffard Road.