VIDEO: Guns, Drugs Seized in Project Oz in Windsor, Toronto


A major drug bust in Windsor and Toronto.

As part of Project Oz, 14 search warrants were executed on June 27th on six vehicles and homes in Windsor, Toronto and Brampton.

Police seized more than 52 pounds of cocaine, more than 5 pounds Fentanyl,  crystal methamphetamine, several other drugs along with more than half a million dollars in Canadian cash and six guns and ammunition.

The estimated street value of the drugs is over $5.4 million.

"Six handguns, each of which we allege was loaded when located by investigators, three over-capacity handgun magazines including a magazine that would allow a glock pistol to fire 30 rounds before having to be reloaded, also seized were 238 rounds of ammunition in various calibres." said Toronto Police Inspector Don Belanger.

Police say this was a sophisticated network involving distributing large amounts of powder cocaine, Fentanyl and crystal meth.

In total, six people were arrested and two remain at large.  Of those, two were arrested in Windsor and one remains at large.

On June 27th, the Windsor Police Service DIGS Unit received information about a suspect believed to be driving to Windsor on the 401 with cocaine.   

Officers stopped the vehicle near Manning Rd. and the driver was arrested.  Police found more than four pounds of cocaine hidden inside the vehicle.

Windsor Police also executed a search warrant at a home on Crawford Ave. near University Ave. West and found a large amount of methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, and two firearms.   A Windsor woman was arrested. 

Belanger says the amount of money seized speaks volumes about Project Oz.

"Our investigators seized just over $550,000 in Canadian currency, incredibly $411,000 was located in an aftermarket trap or hidden compartment inside one of the vehicles that was seized. This vehicle also contained three of seized handguns and two kilograms of cocaine."

He says the suspects were profiting off of people who needed help.

"Clearly the individuals who we have placed before the court are not kids nor are they addicts looking to feed their own addictions.  It is our allegation that they are organized criminals who choose to profit from the misfortune and addictions of others."

Windsor Police Sergeant Steve Betteridge says this bust stopped drugs from getting into the city and being sold.

"This is more going after how are these dangerous illiicit drugs getting here, and that's what we want to go after. We want to go after the big fish in the sea, we want to go after the trafficker."

He adds this joint investigation was targeting the trafficker.

"These are not charges for simple possession, these are charges for possession for the purpose of trafficking. Their number one goal is to sell this illegal and dangerous substance."

Charged in Windsor are 36-year-old Minja Ljumovic and Danielle Hess.

Hess faces 21 drug and weapons related charges while Ljumovic is charged with two counts of drug-related offences.   

Police are still searching for 30-year-old Sebastiano Profetto.