VIDEO: Health Unit Advises Limiting Outdoor Time in Extreme Heat


All of southern Ontario including Windsor-Essex is under a Heat Warning from Environment Canada.

The weather agency says the heat wave is expected to last until Sunday, when forecasters expect cooler and less humid air to arrive in the wake of a weak cold front.

Medical Officer of Health at the Windsor Essex County Health Unit, Dr. Wajid Ahmed says it's important to be mindful of the time of day you are outside.

"Especially during the time when the sun is right at its peak between 12 and 4, decrease your activities if you can," he says.

Dr. Ahmed also says it's important to know the signs of heat stroke, adding "People start to feel a lot of sweating and perspiration and start to feel palpitations. There are certain groups who are obviously more vulnerable to the impact of heat related illnesses compared to the other group which is obviously the extremes of the ages, the younger children and seniors."

Dr. Ahmed says the health unit also has an alert on top of the Heat Alert already issued by Environment Canada.

"We have issued a heat alert and right now it's in effect and we want people to just be mindful of the heat when they're outside."

Environment Canada says extreme heat affects everyone but the risks are greater for young children, older adults and people with chronic illnesses — and is advising outdoor workers to take regularly scheduled breaks in a cool place.

As you've heard on AM800 News, the City of Windsor has extended the hours at its public pools to accommodate for evening swimming.