VIDEO: Hearing Society Workers Supported On Picket Line

Striking workers at Windsor's Canadian Hearing Society were given some support over the noon-hour today.

Christie Reaume, with CUPE Local 2073, says roughly 30 municipal union employees joined them on the picket line.

"It means a lot — sorry I'm laughing because I'm trying not to cry — it's actually phenomenal because eight people on the picket line for four weeks during the winter is really lonely," says Reaume. Usually we're eight strong and in Chatham we're two strong. Today we have the pleasure of welcoming the union of municipal employees — they're having a conference at the casino this week."

The Windsor chapter of the society is located at the corner of Giles Blvd and McDougall St. 

There are 227 workers across the province that are on strike — they've been without a contract four years and have been on strike since March 6.

"It's really nice to have a ton of people here supporting us," says Reaume. "Other people who've been through what we've been through — understanding what it's like to not have a contract for four years — it's, it's just awesome."

The union says there hasn't been a wage increase over the last four years while executives' pay continues to rise, and claims the employer is demanding major roll backs to health benefits.

Talks continued between both CUPE and the employer earlier this week.

The Canadian Hearing Society provides counselling services, hearing aid programs and sign language services.


Striking CUPE Local 2073 members, from Windsor's Canadian Hearing Society, joined by other union members — March 31, 2017 (Photo by AM800's Gord Bacon)