VIDEO: Help Needed for Leamington Woman Fighting for Her Life

A Leamington woman is asking for the public's help as she fights for her life.

Jennee Harris is battling a rare genetic disorder and needs a double lung transplant.

"If I don't go to Toronto and get the lung transplant then I will die," says Harris.

The 37-year-old told CTV Windsor, she is looking for financial support to move to Toronto to be on a waiting list.

"You have to get a lung transplant once you reach a certain lung function and last year I got to that stage," says Harris.

When she was just six-months-old, Harris was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis but didn't get sick until she was 19.

"Since I'm on disability, I don't have extra money, I have absolutely no money and I have no family," she says. "I can't get a bank loan.  We need a total of $40,000 to get me to Toronto because I will have to stay a minimum of six months.  It could be up to 16 months, depending."

Harris' childhood friend Jennifer Burma has started a Go Fund Me page to help raised the needed money and is looking for support from the community.

"If she doesn't get this transplant she will die, so it will give her her life back," says Burma.  "It will give her new life.  It will give her the life she deserves to have and the life she's deserved to have this whole time."

CLICK HERE to find a link to the GoFundMe page.