VIDEO: Inspection Reports More Easily Available: Health Unit

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit is making inspection reports more readily available.

As part of changes to regulations under the provincial Health Protection and Promotion Act, health units across the province have to publicly disclose inspection reports for restaurants, pools, tanning salons, recreational campgrounds and spas as well as enforcement at tobacco and e-cigarette vendors.

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit inspects about 5,000 facilities and there are about 2,000 reports currently on the website.

Environmental Health Manager Phil Wong says it allows consumers to be more informed.

"The reports show infractions, shows any type of education that is provided potentially, if there are any types of legal action, it will all be on there as well," he says.  "Transparency is very important, the inspectors at the health unit have been conducting inspections for a long time, for the longest time we have had a safe food counts website there and you were able to access the food inspection reports."

As well, the Safe Food Counts Star Signs seen outside of restaurants are also being phased out this year and replaced with simple pass or fail signs.

The inspection disclosure website is part of the health unit's website.