VIDEO: Jurassic Park Windsor to Return Friday

A group of Windsor business people and several organizations have pitched in to make sure Jurassic Park two takes place.

Event organizer Renaldo Agostino had asked Windsor Council for $10,000 funding but was turned down.

The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association, St. Clair College, Downtown Windsor Collective and a group of local business owners are now chipping in.

Agostino says the event will be improved on and after meeting with police and city officials they've worked out the details.

"People that know me personally know I absolutely hate asking people for money and everybody has stepped up," says Agostino.  "Friends community partners and more importantly the BIA, the DWBIA."

DWBIA President Brian Yeomans says the initial event was a huge boost to the downtown.

"There were some percentages, they said it grew by four-fold," says Yeomans.  "I mean on a Sunday night you can actually gauge that because Sundays are not normally the busiest nights in the restaurant industry, I can tell you.  So to see that increase fantastic for the downtown."

In addition to Charles Clark Square, University Ave. will be closed off and the event will be able to spread to the old city hall.

Agostino says the screen will be much larger, the TV feed will be better and other logistical issues have been sorted out.

Yeomans points out the DWBIA funding is all from members so this isn't taxpayer money going toward the event.

The gates open at 7pm Friday for Game 4 of the NBA Final series between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors.