VIDEO: Kissner Found Guilty on Multiple Counts of Sexual Assault

Kingsville's former fire chief has been found guilty of nine sex-related offences.

In a three hour decision handed down in Superior Court on Tuesday, Justice Pamela Hebner found 62-year-old Bob Kissner guilty of five counts of sexual assault and four counts of sexual exploitation.

He had originally been facing 17 charges.  He was found not guilty on eight counts.

In handing down her decision, the judge found Kissner took advantage of his position of authority and pointed out 'silence or failure to protest is not consent.'

During the trial earlier this year, court heard Kissner would invite the victims to his home where he would massage and grope them.

Kissner denied touching the younger complainants in a sexual way and any sexual activity with adults was consensual.

Some of the victims were teenagers.

"Kissner was the adult and should have set boundaries," said Justice Hebner.

Kissner showed no reaction upon hearing the judgement.  

Outside court, defence Ken Marley expressed disappointment.

"I am certainly of the view that he should be acquitted of the counts that he was acquitted of and I felt there were others as well," he says . "We will have to have a look at the decision and consider whether it is appropriate to appeal or not."

He says Kissner is shaken up with the judgement.

"He expected a different result in relation to at least some of those counts so he knows he is facing the prospect of a lengthy jail sentence and that is a very serious matter for anyone."

Assistant Crown Jennifer Holmes says Kissner faces time behind bars.

"It would be improper to comment on it, but the law is that some of the charges that he was convicted of, do carry mandatory minimums."

Kissner remains out on bail.

 A sentencing hearing is set for June 28th.

Kissner was arrested in December 2016 by the OPP.

Back in March, Kissner was re-arrested and charged with additional counts of sexual assault and sexual interference.  The case is still before the courts.