VIDEO: Lajeunesse High School Students Set Crosses For Remembrance Day

As Remembrance Day approaches, students at E.J. Lajeunesse high school have been busy setting up the school's annual display.

1,500 white crosses are being meticulously arranged at Dougall Avenue and the EC Row westbound on-ramp.

This year the construction students are spending time using tools to measure and line up the rows of crosses, and autoshop teacher Antoine Labee says there's a reason behind that.

"Reproduce what the grave sites look like overseas, in France and stuff like that, with all the crosses that are perfectly placed," he says "So we're trying to reproduce that, have the same effect."


Grade 12 student Emma Lebarr says the crosses have to be arranged, just so.

"To show respect, and so it doesn't look sloppy. So the community can see that we've put hard work into it."

Grade 11 student Tyler Ostrow, agrees, and says its to make as many people as possible think about the soldiers.

"We feel it's important to remember all the past deceased soldiers. So posting the cross is a nice sign of respect for them."

Labee says overall it's a great teaching tool on many levels

"To be aware of Remembrance Day and to remember those that fought for us, for our country," he explains "to show our students are involved in a project like this."

But with any school, it's not only a tribute to fallen soldiers, it's a good hands-on learning experience too.

"It's a good exercise for the students, just to understand how to set up, doing layout for a site like this, and measuring properly. So it's an educational project, as well as a community based project."

The 1,500 crosses were built four years ago by autoshop students and have been put on display ever since.

It will all lead up to the school's Remembrance day ceremony on Friday.