VIDEO: LaSalle Officials Close Front Road Again


The Town of LaSalle has once again closed Front Rd.

It re-opened Monday after officials shut it down on Sunday due to overland flooding.

The outdoor pool, boat ramp and park also remain closed.

Chief Dave Sutton says these are 'unique and difficult situations' which may occur again over the next few months, until the water levels drop in the Detroit River..

"We are hopeful that the levels begin to stabilize but we have information that over the next month or so, there are possibilities that we may be into the situation again due to rainfall and more significantly the east winds," he says.

Any time there is any precipitation and especially the east wind may result in overland flooding in the LaSalle area according to Chief Sutton.

"The one thing we can say with some certainty that obviously the standard lake level or river level in this case at this point, is much higher than it has ever been and almost at the threshold of flooding on a daily basis."


Chief Sutton says whenever water levels are as high as they were over the weekend,  people need to avoid the area, for safety reasons and to prevent further flooding.

"Any movement through the water of course causes the wave action and the wake so to speak which is really detrimental to the individuals who are trying to prevent the water from getting into the homes."

The town's public alert system was used during the overland flooding on Sunday.