VIDEO: LaSalle Police Investigate Potential Threat at Sandwich Secondary

LaSalle police want the public to know a potential threat at Sandwich Secondary School has been addressed.

Police received information of a potential threat involving the school that was posted on social media via Twitter Monday night. 

Officers investigated the matter immediately and spoke to an individual, who can not be identified due to their age.

While the matter remains under investigation, police say there is no threat to the  students and faculty at the school.

LaSalle Police Senior Constable Terry Seguin is reminding the public that if they do see a threat posted on social media, they should contact police immediately, rather than socially sharing or commenting on the posting.

In this case, the original message spread very quickly according to Seguin.

He says there was a "broken phone effect" with other people adding their thoughts and comments to the original posting, which changed the message the further it went along, adding even more concern and alarm.


AM800 file photo

Constable Seguin says people have a tendency to add to a narrative and change it to the point when it becomes bigger than it might be.

"What happens too often, if it goes out to the wrong people. It should immediately go to police so we can deal with it, but it just goes out and grows and grows and grows on social media," he says.  "Certainly contact LaSalle police or your local police agency as soon as possible. Don't wait, don't delay or keep everyone home from school. Contact us and let us sort it out."

Officers did attend the school Tuesday morning as part of the investigation and as a precaution to make sure there were no issues.