VIDEO: Local Businesses Launch Hip Video To Promote Windsor

Three area businesses have put together a hip new promotional video to attract more talent to the area.

Centreline, Brave Controls System and Next Dimension were frustrated with not being able to attract workers to the region.

Producer Larry Koscielski, who works at Centreline, says there is a stigma about Windsor which isn't the reality.

The video was posted on youtube May 15 and it is generating a response.

Koscielski says this isn't just about jobs.

"You are asking somebody to come here, not just to work but to create a life, so we thought that we would be able to put something together to help people understand how great an area we live in."

He is encouraging people to share the video.

"We want to do this for the community and other employers, basically felt if we are attracting talent to Windsor, the community wins, right?" he says.

A few more videos will be launched in the coming months.