VIDEO: Local Woman Thanks Crime Stoppers After Father's Murder

A county woman is thanking Crime Stoppers for assisting with her father's murder investigation.

Genevieve Cano shared a personal story today on Friday at the 2019 Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers Conference.

Cano says in October 1984, her father Augustin Cano was murdered inside his Windsor home.

"My sister opened the bathroom door and she started to scream," says Cano.  "So I rushed to see what was the matter that is when I saw my father laying in the tub on top of cushions from our old couches, a butcher knife protruding from his chest, his eyes were shut and it look like he was sleeping." 

She says Crime Stoppers in Windsor-Essex was just starting out at the time an anonomys tip came in.

"Back in 1984 when Crime Stoppers first began, I didn't really think it was such an important program only because it was so new to the area," says Cano.  "Looking back now 35-years later I realize how important that program was and because it helped solve my father's murder."         

She says people need to understand how important the program is.

"The fact that people can give information without feeling that they're going to be heard or affected in anyway shape or form," says Cano.  "Unfortunately I will never know who it is that gave that tip that was able to resolve my father's murder but in the end, it doesn't matter because it did what it was meant to do."

A 16-year-old and a 21-year-old were arrested and charged and Cano says her family, including her father knew the 16-year-old.