VIDEO: Local Worshippers Send Condolences 

Sadness at the Windsor Mosque as people gathered for Friday prayer.

Worshippers are sending condolences to those who were killed in New Zealand following a terrorist attack at two mosques in Christchurch which killed 49 people and injured dozens more.

"To the hate groups what can I say, we love you," says Spokesperson Dr. Sinan Yasalar. "We're not going to say we hate you back. Open your arms, open your heart embrace different colours, embrace different religions, embrace different people. This is the beauty of life. If we were all the same it would be pretty boring."   

Dr. Yasalar says he felt ill after hearing about the mass shooting and thanks the community for coming together during this difficult time.

"I just felt sick to the stomach,"he says. "I said here we go again — that was my reaction and then I got more detail, it started off with nine dead and it has bloomed up to about 50 and some of the injured might die as well and for what, nonsense, senseless. It's just a horrific tragedy that makes no common sense at all."    

Mohamed Chams attended the mosque on Friday and says there has been some negative comments on social media but most he saw are positive.

"It just makes us stronger and uniting everybody together and hopefully we can learn from this and make it just a better world to live in," says Chams.  "We're in some really dark ages."      

Prior to Friday's prayer, local MPs and MPPs along with different faiths met with members of the Windsor Islamic Association to talk and share condolences.