VIDEO: Local Wrestling Fan Meets Her Wrestling Idol

A dream come true for a Windsor teen.

17-year-old Faith Turner got to rub shoulders this past Monday in Washington, DC with some of wrestling's elite.

She met her idol Triple H along with Stephanie McMahon prior to Monday Night Raw during Wrestlemania week.

The F.J. Brennan student was born with spinabifida and in recent years has struggled regularly in and out of hospital.

She tells CTV Windsor, it's been a dream of hers to meet her wrestling idols since she was 13.

"It feels like all the problems just kind of go away and you focus on that one moment," says Turner.  "Because everything you have been through it like doesn't matter, if you meet someone you admire."  

She says meeting Triple H and Stephanie McMahon was more exciting than emotional.

"It really helped me find my peace with everything and have my moment to say thank-you to people that I didn't think I would be meeting if it wasn't for them," says Turner.     

The encounter was organized by the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.

Turner received some signed memorabilia from the wrestling superstar.

Triple H also invited Turner to join him at the WWE training centre in Florida this summer.