VIDEO: More Concerns About Hospital Location Appeal

The Deputy Mayor of Amherstburg is hearing from concerned residents.

On Wednesday, Leo Meloche told his county council colleagues residents have reached out to him voicing their concerns about the group, Citizens for an Accountable Mega-Hospital Process (CAMPP).

The group is appealing the location of the proposed new hospital on County Road 42 and the 9th Concession to Ontario's Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

Meloche says residents are worried the appeal will hurt the area's chances of securing or even delaying the new single site acute care hospital.

"There is some concern out there from those who are supporting it and many are because we need a new hospital and yes Toronto has got the line share of the money with respect to new hospitals and it's our time," says Meloche.

He says Windsor-Essex deserves a new hospital.

"We don't need the negatives because it does send a message to the powers to be in Toronto that looks like maybe we don't have our ducks in order or we're not all in agreement and I think that's the farthest from the truth," says Meloche.  "This area is committed to a new hospital."           

Meloche along with County Warden Gary McNamara both reiterated their support for the new hospital and its location.

McNamara told county council, let's rally together and not give the government an excuse.

As heard on AM800 news on Tuesday, Windsor city councillor Fred Francis spoke out against CAMPP's appeal.

CAMPP also has received the backing of an internationally-renowned planner Jennifer Keesmaat.