VIDEO: Muslim Student Set To Break Barrier

A Massey graduate is set to break a barrier at St. Clair College.

Noor Bazzi won't be the first Muslim student to play a sport for the Saints, but she will be the first to wear a hijab.

"I'm blessed to have this opportunity to show who I am and to represent my culture and religion to this community," says Bazzi.

The 18-year-old was a three-time all-city basketball player with the Mustangs and is looking forward to contributing to women's team at St. Clair.

She will be wearing a hijab when training camp opens September 18th and she told CTV Windsor she's getting support from her new teammates.

"Nobody has really looked at me differently," says Bazzi.  "I've been treated the same throughout my career."

Bazzi averaged 15 points per game as a senior last year at Massey and when the Saints' season opens on October 20th she'll be more than just a scorer.

Teammate Jana Kucera says Bazzi can be a role model to others.

"Definitely younger basketball players can look up to her and be like, 'Oh, maybe in a couple of years that's what I want to do,' so that's great," says Kucera.

Bazzi says her family wants her to wear the Saints' uniform with pride.

"They want me to be who I am and represent our community, play as hard as I can, make a name for myself and get this team on the podium," says Bazzi

Saints head coach Andy Kiss says Bazzi has the potential to push for a starting position.