VIDEO: Neighbourhood Rattled Following Baby's Death


A west Windsor neighbourhood is heartbroken.

As heard on AM800 news on Wednesday, a Windsor man and woman have been charged in the death of their child.

On June 8th, police were called to a local hospital after two children were hurt.

One was admitted to hospital with non-life threatening injuries, while the other child was taken to an out-of-town hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police determined the injuries to both children were allegedly caused by their parents.

According to police one of the injured children died on Tuesday, July 2nd.

AM800 news has learned, the parents lived at a home in the 100 block of McKay Ave. in Windsor. 

This man lives nearby and says he's disappointed neighbours were left out of the loop.

"People should know about this," he says.  "It's just like these two and they were twins and I remember them coming out of the car the first day and I remember just like if it was yesterday and this should be known what happened."

This man lives across the street and says it's very sad.

"Devastated, shocked, it's disgusting and I know the other neighbours that I talk to all feel the same way because we can't believe that, that happened in this day in age that stuff should," he says.  "It was an overcrowded place and they shouldn't have been there, social services, somebody should of been involved."

A 27-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man were arrested and initially charged with aggravated assault and assault.

As a result of the death, both parents are now facing second-degree murder charges.

To protect the identity of the children, police are not releasing the names of the accused.          

Police will only say the second child is out of hospital and in a place of safety.