VIDEO: Neighbours of Burned Out Windsor Restaurant Frustrated


Neighbours of a burned out restaurant at 840 Wyandotte St E. near Parent Ave. want the building torn down.

They say it's been a haven for drug users and other crimes are happening in the Windsor neighbourhood as a result.

The former Le Chef Restaurant and adjoining Downtown Auto Service burned May 23, 2016.

Cheryl Ganney says the people using the building as a flop house are preying on the area, and there is drug paraphernalia everywhere.


Neighbour Cheryl Ganney frustrated by Le Chef Restaurant squatters, August 8, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"They're going around our neighbourhoods and just going in their yards, stealing this and stealing that," says Ganney. "We work hard for our stuff, people work hard to have what they have.  And then you've got these people out there just going ahead and taking it, it's not right."

Andrew Steptoe runs the business next door and has already cleaned the place up once before.


Burned out restaurant neighbour Andrew Steptoe, Wyandotte St. E., August 8, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"If you've seen upstairs, it's like a scene from 'SAW' there's toilets overflowing with feces and a burned mattress, kids toys up there," says Steptoe. "Like who knows how many, women's clothing all over, you see prostitutes in and out of here."

Neil Ozad lives right across the street and wants the mess cleaned up.

"You're trying to regenerate this neighbourhood and how's this doing, how's this helping at all.  I mean this has been over a year now this building's been sitting like this."

The inside of the burned out building looks like a war zone.  

There's garbage everywhere, needles lying on the floor, empty Naloxone kits, pizza boxes and empty beer bottles.

The neighbours say they've reached out many times to the city but have not had a positive response.

There are police on scene on a regular basis, but the people squatting in the building come back every night.