VIDEO: New Space Allows Disability Care Centre To Help More

A new home in Tecumseh means more room to help children with sensory development issues in Windsor-Essex.

Back to Life Rehabilitation Centre moved from a one room space in Windsor to a much larger facility on Advanced Blvd. near Patillo Rd.



Family Care Coordinator Sherri Taylor says the centre helps kids with Sensory Integration issues caused by several neurological disorders including Autism and ADHD - those integration issues can cause movement and balance problems. "Quite often our kids who have sensory integration issues, their canal or spinning canal [inner ear] are not engaging properly," she says. "The problem with that is it's the system that really is the foundation for your central nervous system to help these kids learn."

Taylor says the new space will allow for so much more. "We've got three clinic rooms that we do our sensory integration therapy in. We also have a classroom, we have a councillor that's going to be moving in soon," she says.

"There is currently 40-people waiting to get into the centre for treatment," says Taylor. "For us it means we can help and treat more families in our community who are really struggling, who can't get the help through government agencies where other therapies have failed them."

She says therapy offered through the centre isn't covered at the provincial or federal level, but funded agencies regularly refer children who haven't responded to more conventional treatment.

Taylor has three children with Sensory Processing Disorder.