VIDEO: Other Locations Considered for New Catholic Central High School

The Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board says the old Barn location posed a lot of challenges for a new high school.

Talks had been underway between the City of Windsor and the school board to build a new Catholic Central High School on the location of the old Barn and Water World.

The current 80-year-old school located on Tecumseh Rd. is old, cramped and some classes are taught off school property.

On October 31, 2016, the province announced $26-million for a new Catholic Central High School.

But catholic board director Terry Lyons says it was determined the downtown property didn't work.

"It is on the designation heritage list so we would have had to work through that, the size was definitely a challenge. Secondary school usually is anyway from 10 to 18 acres and that site is over 5 acres, parking would have been a challenge," he says.


Lyons says the catholic board has a plan B for a new Catholic Central High School.

"We have investigated a number of other sites and we have a proposal before the ministry right now," he says.  "We will be waiting to hear back from the Ministry of Education and we will be moving with a new building as soon as we hear back from the ministry."

Lyons is hoping to hear from the province by the end of the school year about funding and a new site for Catholic Central High School.

There is no value for the current Windsor Arena property, and the city will begin to take offers on Monday.

Mayor Drew Dilkens says the city will be open to all proposals, even a partnership.

Built in 1924, the Windsor Arena was originally called the Border Cities Arena.

Many have referred to it as “the Barn", “the Madhouse on McDougall and “the Grand Old Lady.”

It’s been home to the Windsor Spitfires and Windsor Lancers – but also the Detroit Cougars and even the Detroit Red Wings for one season.

Since it closed in 2014, the city has been using it as an indoor storage facility for salt.