VIDEO: Over 90 Public Elementary Teachers Receive Notices

More than 90 elementary teachers at the Greater Essex County District School Board are receiving "redundancy" notices from the board.

A letter has been sent out to the elementary principals based on class sizes the province announced last month.

Board Chair Jessica Sartori says they had to act on the information provided through the education ministry.

"As a direct consequence unfortunately to the government's proposed changes in class sizes in the elementary panel unfortunately 90, about 90 elementary teachers were declared redundant," says Sartori. 

Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario President, Sam Hammond was asked if the threat of a strike has increased following the budget...

"We will as representing our members, go into negotiations in good faith," says Hammond. "We will go in with the focus and the goal of getting a new collective agreement without any disruptions."

Sartori tells AM800 News they still don't know what the exact impact of the budget will be until the funding is finalized from the province and the enrolment hasn't been determined.

A board official explained the redundancy notices won't lead automatically to layofffs, those teachers will still receive a salary and be given long term assignments outside of a particular school.

The Ontario government has announced plans to increase class sizes to 28 students per teacher from 22 along with a move requiring students to take four e-learning courses beginning in the 2020-2021 school year.

Sartori says the notices for the secondary school teachers won't be decided on until May.


— With files from AM800's Rusty Thomson