VIDEO: Peche Island Tours Return for a Second Year


For the second straight year, Windsor is offering tours of Peche Island.

Co-ordinator of Community Sports Services Trese MacNeil says the start was delayed for about a week after some restoration work was done on some of the trails.

Some of our trails were under water and they weren't safe so we delayed it, we did some work on the trails, some restoration work over there and we're ready to start Wednesday July 3rd," says MacNeil.

She says some trails were under water due to the record high lake levels and work needed to be done.

MacNeil says some clear stone was brought in and and some trails were shifted either to the right or left.

She says the were issues on the back on the island and issues on the side closest to Lakeview Park Marina.

"Once you leave the pavilion area and start heading towards the east there was a trail there as well that was completely submerged," says MacNeil.

She says some trails have been repaired.

"We brought in some stones, some clear stone and we built that up by probably about six or eight inches maybe even more and then other areas we just moved it over a couple of feet to the left or right of the existing trail," says MacNeil.

She says it's the second year the city has provided the tours.

"Last year we started June 27th so if you gauge it based on last year's start date, we're not that far behind," says MacNeil. "So we like to start on a Wednesday just because it's easier for the staff at the marina to manage the operating side of things."


Flooding shown on Peche Island on June 17, 2019 (Photo courtesy of the City of Windsor)

The first tour was is Wednesday.

The tours run on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting) from Lakeview Park Marina.

The tours start at 10 a.m. and run every hour on the hour until 2 p.m.

MacNeil says reservations are recommended.

A maximum of six passengers can board the shuttle at a time.

Council committed $2.5-million in its 2019 budget specifically for the preservation of Peche Island.

According to Mayor Drew Dilkens, the island was about 150-acres in 1965 but today it's about 90-acres because of erosion and rising water levels.

The tours cost $7.50 and wrap up on October 9.